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Bull Rated
Ticker Value Score
NE 1.170 70
RDC 1.347 70
SWY 2.278 57.5
XL 1.222 57.5
AAME 1.479 60
HTS 1.200 60
GSS 2.493 57.5
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We are not a "Magic Formula" to investing but rather another perspective available to help investors make informed decisions. Our methodology is limited to the most recent financial statements and pricing data available to Newton Analytics. The method does not take into account predictions, rumors, markets, policies or a whole bunch of other variables that affect a stock's performance. We simply look at basic valuations and measure a company's quality using a number of rated ratios. Our Newton Approach is intended to reflect quality and value in the market and is not intended to be used as the only factor when deciding to invest in the stock market.

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